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How You Can Help

Invite your church to sponsor a service

Interested churches will provide a musician(s) to lead our musical time, a Pastor to bring a message of God’s good news, a meal for the attendees and a team to help organize, serve and clean up following the meal time.  For a detailed explanation of what to expect please read our Exploring Partnership document HERE.

Contact Diane Greenfield, Worship Coordinator to sign up at 402-516-2403.

Become a Transportation Sponsor

Transportation for our attendees to and from service is critical to our mission.  Individuals interested in becoming a Transportation Sponsor will need to have a clean driving record and complete a yearly 2-hour training at the Community Corrections Center-Omaha before being approved to drive attendees from the center to the church site.  This training is scheduled the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of the month and is on a first come first serve basis.  Please plan to arrive early and dress business causal.  Once approved let us know and we will discuss dates for you to assist with transportation. If you have a CDL we invite you to drive our bus, but if not we ask for you to drive your own vehicle.

Serve in Our Clothing Closet

Through the generosity of our partner churches Crossroads receives clothing donations.  These items are then made available to the men who worship with us.  We are looking for someone to serve in this important ministry.  Currently we need someone who would be willing to spend 2-4 hours a month maintaining the closet by organizing the items we receive and maintaining the space they occupy.  

Contact Diane Greenfield, Worship Coordinator for more detail or to sign up 402-516-2403.


Donations go towards purchasing our meals, the costs of transporting our attendees, and our various other programs. You can also donate directly to an educational scholarship fund.


We ask you to pray for the men of Community Corrections Center-Omaha. Pray for their families, for good health, for good job placement, safe housing arrangements and openness to hearing the Good News of Jesus.  We ask for you to remember us as we coordinate local churches to fulfill our mission that we would connect more congregations to the men of CCC-O. We ask you to pray for our continuing partners and for new partners to come alongside Crossroads, that they continue to be filled with the Holy Spirit and for their own ministries to flourish.  Finally, we ask you to pray that the Word of God would be preached boldly and that lives would be transformed among any who join us in worship.