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Our History

In 2001 Retired Pastor Roy Fox was given a vision of the local church meeting the Spiritual and physical needs of those imprisoned in Omaha.  Together with other likeminded community members they began researching what the greatest needs were of those in prison. After meeting directly with those in the prison system they identified safe housing, jobs, a strong support system and a faith community as the most pressing needs.

The name Crossroads arose from those early meetings and reflects Crossroads desire to meet the needs of those in prison at the pivotal crossroads of their release

The first worship services started at Omaha Corrections Center until eventually moving to Miller Park Presbyterian Church in 2002.  In 2005, Crossroads moved to its current location at Underwood Hills Presbyterian Church.

Since the early days we have brought individuals in prison together with church members of a variety of faith denominations for worship, prayer, teaching, ministering, and fellowship.  Though the years we have seen many lives transformed and we look forward with great expectation to future lives being transformed at Crossroads Connection.